Wood packages and shipping containers - tailored for your products

We produce wood packages for transportation, sea freight or road transportation etc., of industrial products and their parts. Wood containers and wood cages are tailored to suit for you product, your production lines and transportation modes.

Let´s optimize package and their delivery to meet need of your company operations:

Wood platforms solve transportation difficulties for the most extraordinary machines, devices etc.:

It has always been important for our customers to operate cost-effectively, so to us

Streamlining of processes and cost-efficiency means has meant to them:
    Centralized purchases, flexible and fast deliveries, efficiency in production line, decreased packing time, efficiency in warehouse, reduced freight costs, reduced material waste, minimized environmental burden and compliance of operations.
In our decades of operating we have, together with our customers, striven towards these objectives. And we have succeeded only by adapting 100% to the constantly changing needs of our customers and at the same time tailoring product solutions and services to these needs.


ISPM 15 standard for wood packaging material

Our packages are manufactured according to ISPM 15 standard, and packages can be used in international trade. Wood raw-material used for packages is deparked. Packaging material is heat-treated (HT) according to standard, to a minimum temperature of 56 °C for a minimum duration of 30 minutes.  Packages are marked with a label compliant with the standard, featuring the IPPC logo, producer/treatment provider code, country code and treatment marking.