Containers and pallets for maturing and storing cheeses

Together with the leading Finnish dairy product manufacturer, we have developed special containers and racks for maturing and storing different kinds of cheeses. We have developed solutions for block and cylinder formed cheeses that can be sized and accessorised according to your needs.

The main function of container for block cheeses is to act as a mold in order to optimize the size of the cheese blocks. The basic structure of the block cheese container is a plywood pallet on the bottom and top and a four-piece sleeve including stringers on the sides for lifting.

Cheese container with a phenol film surface plywood is:


Cheese racks

The reversible cheese rack with plywood pallets on the bottom and top optimizes the curing process of semi-hard and soft cheeses. There are several alternatives for the construction of the container.

Shelf boards can be sized:

thickness 15 - 50 mm

widhth 200 - 1000 mm

length 400 - 4200 mm