Partnerhip for profitable business

For us partnership means trust. Being your partner we are focussed on making your business more efficient and improving your profitability.

Our long-term partnership with companies from many walks of industry, where we have been acting in the capacity of the provider of transporting and warehousing solutions, gives us a sound basis for developing suitable applications for your needs as well. Often the perfect solution can be found from our versatile product range.

Our product design and sales professionals are waiting for you to contact them, so that they can assist you in finding the optimum transporting and warehousing applications for your particular needs.

Consulting and engineering

Our designing process traditionally starts with mapping the requirements set by your products. This means selecting such raw materials, structures, dimensions and the most appropriate mode of transport, which are the best match for the life-span of the pallet.

Economy through efficient warehouse management

We wish to offer you an opportunity to save costs through our warehouse management services and to provide a possibility of benefitting from a pick-up warehouse. Planning, monitoring, management and reporting of stocks represent crucial parts of cost-efficient operations. Through the co-operation we can be confident that our operations are efficient in respect of pallet stocks as well.

Costs can be saved if you order larger product batches to our pick-up warehouse, while your own warehousing needs are reduced. We also ensure quick and on-time deliveries from our warehouse to yours. We can provide consignment stock as well.

Outsource your packing for us!

Sometimes it is better to concentrate on your own core business and outsource rest for the professionals of those fields. You can outsource your packing for us in order to bring you cost-efficiency through saving time and costs.

Transportation and logistics services

You can outsource your transportation and logistics for us too. We have long-term experience and vast range of co-operating partners in a field of transportation and logistics. We will find the most proper and cost effective solution for your needs - reliably, flexibly and fast.

Even the most sturdy pallet parts may need replacement

The long service life of our reusable pallets is extended even more through our spare parts services. For instance, the service life of our returnable pallets and pallet collars can be extended through minor maintenance measures.

The replaceable parts are, e.g.:
·    Inserted support blocks
·    Deck, bottom and stringer boards
·    Pallet collar hinges