Reusable plywood containers for long-term use

The foldable and hard-wearing S-Reco returnable plywood containers are an extremely efficient solution to reduce the costs in regular goods traffic between production units.


S-Reco Light

The S-Reco Light containers are used in all modes of  transportation for transporting e.g.  vehicle components, electronic devices, chemicals, etc.

S-Reco Robust

The extra sturdy S-Reco Robust containers are used as well in all modes of transportation of extremely heavy components and devices.


S-Reco Module

The S-Reco Module structured of sturdy plywood collars suits well for regular and far organized return traffic of goods. Even the smallest products are being packed, transported and unpacked conveniently down to shelving system of S-Reco Module.


ClipOn ExportPak and ClipOn ExportPak Robust

ClipOn ExportPak and ClipOn ExportPak Robust plywood boxes were designed to make assembling and disassembling easier and quicker. The ClipOn containers have four one part sleeves that are attached to each other with clips. Robust containers have more stronger structure.