Tailored solutions for specific needs

For decades we have acted as partners for our customers to develop special-purpose solutions to meet their different needs. This co-operation has developed eg. special pallets for mining industry and Encore pallets with RFID technique that are used in daily consumer good logistics. We have developed special solutions for storing and maturing of cheeses.

Kesto and Iki pallets are for heavy-duty use!

The benefit of reusable pallets is definitely the cost-efficiency that they offer. A returnable pallet is a competitive option, and has a short pay-back period.  Returnable pallets are perfectly suited both for internal and external logistics, always when there is a regular traffic of goods between the company’s own places of business or with other companies.


Containers, pallets and shelves for maturing and storing of cheeses

Together with the leading Finnish dairy product manufacturer, we have developed special containers and racks for maturing and storing different kinds of cheeses. We have developed solutions for block and cylinder formed cheeses that can be sized and accessorised according to your needs.


Maturing and storing of Emmenthal and other block cheeses

The main function of container for block cheeses is to act as a mold in order to optimize the size of the cheese blocks. The basic structure of the block cheese container is a plywood pallet on the bottom and top and a four-piece sleeve including stringers on the sides for lifting.

Cheese container with a phenol film surface plywood is: hygienic and easy  to clean, light weight, hard-wearing, easy to handle, can be stacked to save storage space and environmentally friendly raw material.


Maturing and storing cylinder formed cheeses

The reversible cheese rack with plywood pallets on the bottom and top optimizes the curing process of semi-hard and soft cheeses. There are several alternatives for the construction of the container.


Pallet for unwieldy products

A pallet with a railing has been developed for the storage of unwieldy products such as tyres, pipes, tubes, etc. The pallet with a railing has been officially tested for hard pressure. The test results approve the durability of stacked pallets up to several tons.
The excellence of this pallet can be seen in several of its attributes: enables efficient usage of the warehouse, easy to move and handle and stackable


Tailor-made solutions

Asiakaskohtaisesti räätälöity lava on mitoiltaan ja rakenteeltaan suunniteltu tarkasti käyttötarkoitusta silmällä pitäen. Räätälöimme lavat erityisvaatimusten mukaan kulmaviistein, maalauksin ja merkkauksin jne. Erilaisilla rakenneratkaisulla voidaan helpottaa pakkaamista, lavojen siirtelyä ja pinoamista.

The chain of custody of our raw materials is certified

The raw material of our pallets is PEFC certified, and it has been dried in accordance with the ISPM15 standard. All our one-way pallets are IPPC stamped, which means that they can be used for packaging export products.                                                   

Automatic production lines ensure consistent quality

Our pallets are manufactured on efficient automated production lines that guarantee high-quality and durable end result. Automatic nailing and in particular clinching of nails significantly improve the fastening of the deck boards. The nailing on returnable pallets withstands long-term use, because it complies with the nailing requirements set to standard pallets.

More versatility with pallet collars and decks

Pallet collars and decks add versatility to pallets - see our selection here.