We will finish your package to meet all your expatations

We deliver your package customized for your needs. With accessories and finishings your packages are easier to handle, manage and use along its way.

Outer package

Ensure handling comfortness with handles, latches, hinges and label holders.

Inner package

There are endless possibilities to inner package protection.

Inner package accessories:

We can deliver with your package:

Extend the life cycle of your package

For many of our customers` packaging has a very special purpose, meaning that the packaging needs a special finishing.

With the surface treatment you are able to:

Let our experts help you to find the most appropriate solution for your package, e.g. lacquering, painting, transparent colour or ready-coated phenol film plywood. We can personalize you package with logos, pictures and paint. And mark your package with handling symbols, product identifications or other codes, addresses and packing instructions.

Protect your products against misuse

We will provide your package with indicators to help you track damages during the transportation. Indicators expose theft, tilting and upending, rough handling, impact and dropping, temperature and humidity and shock and vibration

Spare parts

We provide long-term solutions and to make them even longer, we provide full range of spare parts for packaging if needed.