Functional and cost-effective

Foldable plywood boxes are an efficient way to reduce freight costs. Plywood boxes are light and compact still hard-wearing, they are often used in air freight. Plywood boxes are recyclable products, that can be produced by customized sizes.

Just On-Steel plywood boxes

The Just On-Steel boxes have a sleeve with hot galvanized metal profiles in the corners that are machine compressed to the sleeve. Metal profiles of lid and bottom work as a counterpart for locking tongues. The locking tongueson the top and bottom of the sleeve make assembling and closing the box very convenient.

Just On-Steel boxes are available in three different structures:

Just On-Wood plywood containers

Just On-Wood containers are constructed from one-piece foldable sleeve. The lid and bottom have wooden lists and the box is closed by strapping, nailing or screwing.

Just On-Mixed plywood boxes

The Just On-Mixed plywood boxes are combined of Just On-Steel and Just On-Wood components. The Just On-Mixed offer numerous alternatives to pack different kind of products.

Just On-Mixed plywood box can be:

UN packaging for global transportations

When dangerous goods are being handled and transported their packaging needs to be safe and appropriately certified.
The UN packagings of our selection are approved by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) and they meet the requirements on UN approval concerning transport packagings of the types 4D or 4 DV for dangerous goods. The package can, thus, be used for transport over land, rail, sea, and air internationally.
The certified packagings may be used as external packaging for materials of packaging groups I, II ja III. The dangerous goods being packed can be various kinds of solid or liquid goods.

Selection of UN certified packagings

Our selection of UN certified plywood packaging is comprised of four dimensions by length and width whose height can vary in between measures mentioned below.  The material of VAK 4, VAK 6 and VAK 8 is 6 mm thick birch plywood. VAK 12 is contructed of 8 mm birch plywood.

Outside dimensions of packages (length x width x height):

Structure of VAK packages

Three part structure of UN packages comprises of one-part sleeve, lid and bottom.

Plywood packages for large products and components

Boxes and containers of fixed structure are most often used in the transportation of large products or components. Plywood container is hard-wearing because of strong support structure and light-weight packaging alternative compared to eg. wood container. These packages are sized to fit your products.

Plywood boxes and containers are made up of six plywood elements that are nailed together. Their use is made easier with the help of pallets or stringers.
As an alternative to plywood, we manufacture boxes and containers using hardwood, OSB, MDF, hardboard, chipboard, etc. Let´ s find the best solution for your product by optimizing package deliveries for your needs.