OR group is internationally well-known as a reliable partner offering a versatile range of packing products and services for the transportation and storage of goods. Our packaging solutions contain mainly products made of wood and plywood. Our business activities are led by the desire to generate cost savings and efficiency for our customers in their business operations, which include buying, production, storage, logistics and transportation. This means that pallets and packages are planned and produced by means of buyer´s production and products.

Wood pallets have been manufactured by Olavi Räsänen Oy in Mikkeli since 1962.  Wood pallets are produced in three automized production lines for the products of paper, food, construction, automobile, machinery, electronics and chemistry industry.

Subsidiary of Olavi Räsänen Oy, Savopak Oy, is internationally known as a manufacturer of wood and plywood packages. Plywood packages are produced in four factories in Varkaus area. In the boxes and containers are packed products and components of the automotive, machine and electronics industries, as well as, other major industries such as mining, paper, chemical, construction and defence forces. Our main exporting countries are Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Sweden and Norway.